World Capital Advisors’ business funding division has good relations with experts that have a great deal of experience that are undertaking financial deals from business advisory sectors.

World Capital Advisors can advocate in a company’s operations through management consultations and provide the necessary support when processing applications to corporate funding. We have the ability to bring significant knowledge to any kind of strategy for corporate funding.

World Capital Advisors has years of experience in arranging corporate funding. We organize funding for all types of companies ranging from small or family businesses up to the largest of corporations. Depending on the reason for corporate funding World Capital Advisors can raise amounts from $50,000.00 to tens of millions Dollars, whether it be for small refinancing, management buyout, merger or acquisition, World Capital Advisors can secure it.

Here at World Capital Advisors we have access to a trusted network of lenders and high net worth individuals that are looking for exciting investment opportunities. We have learned through years of experience that the majority of corporations seeking funding are burdened with a package structure that does not deliver enough flexibility to meet their criteria or they have been paired with unsuitable lenders.

World Capital Advisors will strive to make the correct financial pairing, through having a clear picture of our clients’ needs we can determine the right lender, alternatively clients wishing to undertake in the potential acquisition of a corporation often choose the services of World Capital Advisors. In such cases, we arrange appropriate funding needed for the acquisition.

Why Us?

World Capital Advisors has developed a global perspective on opportunities and markets. We select from our highly motivated and knowledgeable managers to design portfolios that will meet our clients' needs. We assist our clients in staying ahead of the game in the continuously developing markets of today.

World Capital Advisors is exceptional in offering personalized financial solutions when obtaining a client's personal goals.

World Capital Advisors helps to advise our clients when choosing the right investment vehicle to achieve their goals, whether it is highly imperative for them to segregate assets, their specified liquidity to return at their desired level of risk are not achieved by a current fund or they are looking for certain limits or exposures not offered on current plans.

World Capital Advisors designs bespoke portfolios for clients with a knowledgeable and professional portfolio manager.

World Capital Advisors’ approach to investing is tactically made to focus potential loss of returns due to altering risk and minimizing instability in comparison to most of the typical asset types. The undertaking of such tactics is accomplished by using a specialist mix of tailored vehicles and allocations to fund managers. Our resourceful approach to designing a bespoke portfolio also allows more flexibility in allocating assets across subcategories.

Venture Capital

From our experience, our accomplishments have been dependent on having the right management team and working alongside respectful and trustworthy entrepreneurs. We all started out as entrepreneurs, we take pride in knowing the corporate building blocks and the qualities needed in order to succeed.

As an entrepreneur's partner, World Capital Advisors brings great value to the table, focusing on the entrepreneur's sector, bringing knowledgeable vantage points and a set of connections. World Capital Advisors would never presume to be more informed than one of our teams who specialize in their given industry sector but we do have the ability to see the whole picture from our perspective.

Here at World Capital Advisors we believe that it is in the interest of all parties to have investee firms important to ourselves. World Capital Advisors sets out to own a minimum share holding of 20% of every investee firm to exercise a level of control over the investee firm and to offset the high risk, giving all parties involved a serious share in the success. We are aware that this interprets to being exposed to associated risks.

The other main component that arises when we appraise past history of an investee firm is where venture capital investors have a tendency to disagree on the financing and fundraising strategy. We know through experience that the lack of unity can possibly bring even a good firm down. We want to invest with like-minded parties that have a good understanding of our beliefs, and whose qualities are observed and understood in the early stages.

Management Consulting

Here at World Capital Advisors we offer an extensive range of tailored solutions, meeting business demands of today’s clients involved in the development or delivery of complicated industry projects.

In today's volatile economy, the majority of scenarios find corporation requirements having to rise above investment needs and their resultant risks, which influence a client's objectives. As investors in their venture, clients are seeking detailed informative advice relating to their industry on which they can base their investment decisions. Whether in private or public sectors, improving business performance and increasing its value is a client's ultimate goal in order to secure a more competitive position in the market.

The corporate management teams of World Capital Advisors give the clients the support and advice essential throughout the investment process. During the initial start up phase, we combine our strategy knowhow and business expertise, by working together with developers, investors and entrepreneurs to explore opportunities, review other options and determine the respective possible outcome.

World Capital Advisors’ corporate management teams are there to give essential support, industry and financial advice to our clients, regardless of the level in which they invest. Such close dedicated support facilitates our clients in reducing risk and obtaining the financial results that improve their corporation’s value.


In the days of the dotcom bubble, investors were guaranteed fantastic returns. Numerous companies experienced huge initial gains, but ended up coming short for investors in the long-term. People who had the prudence to get in, and out, on some of these share options, made investing look very easy. Since the day of the dotcom craze entrepreneurs have been discouraged, losing faith in having an Initial Public Offering (IPO) as a company strategy.

We find investors, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs are publicly discussing the IPO as a realistic opportunity for great returns; their focus has shifted from simply flipping stock to the long-term outlook. Rather than trying to take advantage of a stock's initial bounce, investors are more inclined to scrutinize long-term prospects. Fortunately, for investors and entrepreneurs of today, there is renewed market interest in IPOs.

Listing a company publicly on a stock exchange can become the bedrock for future opportunities and business by giving crucial financial backing to the growth of the company. Evidently, a public offering of shares on a stock exchange will be an effective way of attracting investment into the business.

For many companies, launching on the stock exchange is an important milestone in a firm's existence, increasing their capital through an IPO leads to overall growth and success. Having the right backers and knowledge of prospects adds to a great IPO. It is equally important that the company have a good relationship with potential shareholders. World Capital Advisors is dedicated to delivering a comprehensive and accurate information scheme at the time of the IPO inception. World Capital Advisors caries out all due diligence required to ensure that an IPO is sufficiently aligned with the target price.