World Capital Advisors was founded in 2005 and established in Tokyo capitalizing on the Asian markets, bringing new ventures to Europe and North America. World Capital Advisors has dedicated itself to the core value of service, putting the client’s needs first. This commitment spells our belief of client service, honesty, integrity, and exceptional investment performance, which has led us to develop a winning formula catering to the requirements of our clients.

Through having an excellent professional investment management team, a sound risk management and control system, solid corporate governance structure and robust information support system, World Capital Advisors has become a trusted partner to many corporations and investors across the globe. Our clients acknowledge our commitment to fulfilling their needs every day by their continual use of our services and the high level of referrals we receive.

World Capital Advisors prides itself on the caliber of its employees and the outstanding record of accomplishment they have made over the years. Providing quality dedicated service to our client’s, recognizing their objectives and helping to achieve their financial goals.

Since the company’s inception in 2005, we attracted some of the industry’s leading experts, through our simple philosophy, ethics and exceptional working environment. Retaining the best in the business and constantly expanding to offer our client’s advice in all investment sectors.

Our Global View

World Capital Advisors has developed and nurtured its business across Asia, Europe and North America giving us a worldwide perspective on opportunities and markets. World Capital Advisors has an extensive global network of professionals and leaders in public, corporate and government sectors that work alongside our highly trained teams.

They all have vast experience and knowledge on all asset allocation, stocks, commodities and debt markets, providing an exceptional advantage in valuable service and optimizing opportunities to our clients.

Both investors and clients benefit from dedicated support across our array of businesses platforms, which includes initial investment, asset management, restructuring, advisory and financial services. We have an organizational structure that promotes the sharing of insight and knowledge across all our companies, along with our intellectual and financial resources, this fully utilizes our capabilities in delivering a valuable and efficient service.

Our Principles

From its inception, the company’s core principles have been the foundation in defining the company.

World Capital Advisors has found its place in the corporate world among some of the largest organizations. As a specialized company we offer a wide range of services with the greatest levels of professionalism, integrity and attention to detail, fulfilling our client’s needs.

In an environment of large corporations, we attract talented professionals with good business acumen, looking for a more personal environment to work in, joining World Capital Advisors to make new businesses in their respective fields of expertise.

World Capital Advisors is always placing a relevant percentage of its own cash in the investments it is making, opposed to the popular belief of "other people's money". We believe in what we do, standing by our commitments and ever expanding with our clients best interests.