Here at World Capital Advisors we have developed our own individual approach to accomplishing the client’s financial goals, incorporating a client’s bespoke plan to suit their encompassing long-term goals and significantly improve upon the probability of achieving them. World Capital Advisors will bring a unique and successful approach in building your bespoke financial strategy.

World Capital Advisors’ comprehensive financial planning evaluates all aspects of a client’s circumstances, taking in to consideration the client’s financial needs and goals, inputting the flexibility that may be required in future developments of their plan.

Our approach takes into consideration the following criteria’s an investor may have; investment review, risk analysis, healthcare, school fees, retirement planning, tax position and cash flow evaluation. When reviewing a client's financial data, World Capital Advisors’ team of advisors will ascertain a more thorough and accurate understanding of a client’s financial goals, establishing their level of risk and flexibility subjecting them to their plans.

World Capital Advisors help to assist its clients in reaching a new understanding, giving them the tools to facilitate more control within their finances and investments, providing the ability to make a strong foundation for their future investments and make smart calculated financial decisions.

Investment Management

As the agent entrusted with your financial assets, World Capital Advisors take the role very seriously. Our advisors are fully aware of the responsibility bestowed upon them when handling a client’s funds. Every transaction World Capital Advisors handle we do so with care and diligence, regarding every transaction as if the money was our own, reassuring the clients that their affairs are in the right team of experts hands.

We understand our client’s investment requirements, needs and aspirations and know it is not a small step entrusting your capital, however, by understanding our commitment to your finances and allowing us to achieve the best possible results, World Capital Advisors can generate the level of success you deserve. Here at World Capital Advisors we are constantly adapting and improving to provide the best service possible for our clients.

World Capital Advisors’ specialists design a bespoke robust investment scheme, looking at the bigger picture and applying it to the client’s strategy. Upon completion of the client’s strategy, our team of expert portfolio advisors will design a client's portfolio, by starting with a strong building block that will serve as a foundation for a strong, balanced and versatile portfolio, aiding the client in his/her financial objectives.

Just as most things in life that we undertake to get a step closer to the top, there is always an element of risk; the same applies to making investments as does the rewards we reap when we are successful. World Capital Advisors understands that our client’s are all very different and have personal agendas to fulfill. World Capital Advisors’ specialists carefully review each clients’ requirements and evaluates the level of risk tolerance they wish to take on, and this is reflected within their investment plan and in accordance to their individual goals.

Portfolio Elements

The maintenance of your portfolio is extremely important; the financial markets are always changing, as a result a client’s portfolio strategy should be designed with the right level of versatility. World Capital Advisors offers a monitoring system to ensure that our client’s investments are working to the best of their ability.

How does it work?

An investment portfolio should be diversified to reduce the level of risk. At World Capital Advisors we introduce an investment strategy covering Asia, Europe and North America that consists of equities, commodities, IPO’s and managed funds. Clients have direct access to their dedicated portfolio manager enabling the client to manage their portfolio at anytime.

What features are included?

World Capital Advisors clients get a regular summary reporting all the aspects of their portfolio (i.e. valuation, distribution statement, performance report etc.) along with a yearly tax review. The client’s dedicated investment manager will consult on making quality projections and decisions in view of optimizing your portfolio.

What benefits do I get?

Investment portfolios with World Capital Advisors could have investments from Asia, Europe and North America that consist of equities, commodities, IPO’s and managed funds. We give clients direct access to their dedicated portfolio manager enabling the client to manage their portfolio at anytime.

All your investments and multiple accounts are bundled into a single account, making it easy to access and manage all the outflows and inflows from your portfolio and having only one main contact with their additional support teams providing a professional service for all of the investments involved.

All fees involved when purchasing or selling within the investment portfolio are transparently presented to you for your peace of mind; a set commission is introduced with no hidden charges.


Due Diligence

Due diligence is an essential factor when making any investments. World Capital Advisors conducts due diligence through the initial confirmation of our stringent screening process for any new business proposal. We reject at least 90% of proposals for capital investments presented to us resulting from our findings within our initial due diligence screening process. After further scrutinizing only 1% of the successful candidates make it to actually obtaining finance.

Before recommendations to clients are made by our portfolio managers, and our stringent due diligence has been implemented, we carry out another form of due diligence on the aspects of potential portfolios. World Capital Advisors does not recommend IPO’s, corporate bonds or stocks without analyzing the security and risk levels first.

Technical Analysis

The technical analysis carried out by World Capital Advisors analytical department investigates three key elements when considering a stock price action: patterns, regularity and order. Selling agents find themselves carrying out the same habitual methods assuming that the price of a share at any given time is solely dependent upon the market.

World Capital Advisors researches all essential information at our disposal, analyzing reports linking to mergers and acquisitions, earnings, profit margins and yearly results. Looking at the real estate market movements over the last four decades we can analyze the supply and demand patterns; such trends are very similar within the financial market enabling us to study and determine future projections.

With key historical accounts and considering hindsight, we have witnessed such strategies earning fantastic profits. Within in a number of such cases, you will be able to observe a number of characteristics leading to obvious patterns. World Capital Advisors has years of experience, some of the best minds in the industry and the analytical tools to decipher the diverse patterns that would lead an average investor on a treasure hunt looking at hundreds of products but still incapable of choosing the right investment.

Fundamental Analysis

It is crucial that our evaluation of potential services takes into consideration the rather complex basics. World Capital Advisors’ analysts employ intricate fundamental assessment analyzing results that guide markets in both the long and short term. World Capital Advisors’ market analysts are more interested in the long-term, focusing on the firm's debt, earnings and sales, among other relevant information.

World Capital Advisors uses a process integrating Multifaceted Forensic Analysis in which our analytical department intensively analyzes the complex mechanics of the business. World Capital Advisors carries out a full and comprehensive review of the operations of the business as well as the management team. We systematically analyze the related sector involved, enabling us to create a comprehensive overview of the prospective business operations in its industry classification.

Portfolio Maintenance

World Capital Advisors understands the importance of carrying out regular reviews of a client’s portfolio. We acknowledge that asset allocation is a very important component in a client's portfolio strategy; through our dedicated account manager system we are able to constantly check a client's financial plan along with their ever updating risk profile. Through World Capital Advisors’ extensive experience, we are able to verify the client’s positions relating to their risk tolerance and service their account to the best of our ability ensuring great returns for the future.

Portfolio Maintenance

World Capital Advisors’ portfolio managers understand that a client’s circumstances are continually adapting to their personal and business environments. Aside from the regular reviews conducted, we continually align the client's portfolio against their risk profile.

At World Capital Advisors, we assign a dedicated portfolio manager to a client’s account, giving the level of service that is required to guarantee that the clients’ portfolios are managed correctly. We match the client’s level of risk tolerance with our extensive knowledge giving the client the right combination of products within the asset classes, ensuring to achieve their goals and needs.

Portfolio Balancing

We are consciously adapting our ability to maximize potential gains, keeping up to date with clients' investments. At the same time, we also recognize that being excessively zealous in managing a portfolio could lead to the portfolio producing poorer results.

World Capital Advisors portfolio managers know that it takes total regulation to achieve the right balance; by having no emotional ties we are able to sell any asset that has performed well and to its expectations at the right time. This enables the reinvestment of funds gained to strengthen other areas of the portfolio that has not performed to standard.

World Capital Advisors accomplishes what every investor sets out to achieve in a buy low sell high strategy. Through the dedication of time spent in reinventing a client’s portfolio as the markets change the possible potential can be optimized. This strategy is also known as rebalancing; this plays a vital role in ensuring that a client’s portfolio and overall financial plan comes to fruition.

A client’s dedicated portfolio manager will discuss every aspect of World Capital Advisors’ rebalancing method, advocating all possible avenues in accomplishing a client’s wealth management tactic.